JV girls’ soccer fights to tie Sherwood, RM


Katherine Jackson, Staff Writer

JV girls’ soccer has worked toward a record of 3-2-2 this season by practicing and playing hard everyday.

On Sept. 18, the team played Churchill and won 2-0. Freshmen Aliki Shoemaker and sophomore Ayla Khorsand led the team with two goals. Both teams went into the first half strong and it was made clear that there was a fair game to be played. Thanks to the team’s powerful defense, no goals were let in and the girls walked away with a strong win. “This was my first time beating Churchill on soccer and it felt great to score against our rivals. I am really happy with the outcome of this game and how it brought our team even closer,” Khorsand said.

On Sept. 21, the team played Northwest and lost 1-0. Despite the loss, the girls played well and from the beginning knew they were up against a good team. A Saturday morning game can also be different than a game right after school, a factor that could have potentially thrown off the team’s playing. “Although we have had some tough losses, we learn from our mistakes and keep working hard to improve during practices,” freshman Sarah Nanos said.

On Sept. 26, the team played Richard Montgomery and tied 0-0. It was an overall evenly matched game that went into double overtime and forced each team to play their hardest until the end. Both teams had few shots on goal but nobody was able to score. “It was frustrating and tiring to go into double overtime and still not win but I still had a fun time with my team.” sophomore captain Rizel Serrano said.

On Sept. 28, they played Sherwood and tied 0-0. Once again the game went into double overtime. The girls had opportunities to score but could not get past their defense and came close to a goal during a penalty kick.

Coach Adrian Unger continues to expect great things to come within the next couple of games that will close out the season. Although the girls have not had a perfect season they have improved after every game just as they intended. The team has been focusing on improving their speed and communication on the field. “We will do great as long as we continue to improve every day in terms of playing faster and playing for each other,” Unger said.

Captains Rizel Serrano and Nicole Jezek have learned a lot by taking on leadership roles that allow them to set an example and assist the coach in controlling and leading the team during practices and games. This skill can be taken off the field into everyday situations that require leadership ability. “Becoming captain has allowed me to view the sport in a completely different way and it forces me to think of my teammates before myself both on and off the field. I have learned a lot about my teammates in the last couple of weeks that has helped me enjoy the sport even more,” captain Nicole Jezek said.

The Patriots faced off against QO on Oct. 2, too late to be covered in this issue.