JV boys’ soccer looks to win big against QO


Justin Linn, Staff Writer

JV boys’ soccer currently sits at a record of 2-2-1, as they beat Northwood and Westminster 1-0, lost to Churchill 0-2 and lost to Sherwood, but tied with Clarksburg. The team knew that they had to get back onto the field and get some more work in before their game against Quince Orchard on October 2.

Sophomore Nick Jones finished last year’s season with one goal and he looks to pass that number with more goals this season. Jones knows that being a sophomore on JV means he will have to be a leader on and off the field, which means making sure the freshman stay on top of their classes while focusing on soccer at the same time. “I know that being a leader comes with great responsibilities but I am up for the challenge that I know I can handle,” Jones said.

Another sophomore, Panayioti Zairis, has a different back story. Zairis tried out last year for the team and didn’t make it. He went back onto the field and worked on his game so he could come back this year and try again. He was determined, as he made the team this year and hopes to play for varsity next year. “I was extremely disappointed that I didn’t make it but I knew that I needed to work even harder,” Zairis said.

Sophomore goalie Max Glazier made the team last year, as he was the only goalie to tryout, but this year more goalies tried out so he had to actually participate in tryouts. “Last year I was lucky enough to be the only goalie and to play the whole season, but this year I will have to step up my game and keep my spot with other goalies competing for my spot,” Glazier said.

Sophomore Sachin Krishna-Rodgers lead the JV team last year in the assist category with four assists while scoring two goals. Krishna-Rodgers believes that he helps the team out even more as his role grows over time. “My role will definitely increase this year, but that doesn’t mean I can slack off, it means that I have to put in more work throughout the season to keep getting better everyday,” Krishna-Rodgers said.

Sophomore Alfred Liljas has been playing soccer his whole life and being tall gives him an edge when it comes to headers. “Being one of the taller players on the field definitely gives me a benefit when it comes to that, but I also can’t use that as my only strength,” Liljas said.

The team faced off against QO on Oct. 2, too late to be covered in this issue.