Students perfect homecoming preparations

Jamie Stern, Reviews Editor

Months away from homecoming, finding the perfect dress was already on students’ minds. The only problem is, you don’t want to be basic and get what everyone else is wearing, you don’t want to be too bold and wear something nobody will forget. You don’t know where to shop, and you don’t know if it’s too risky to get a dress from an international website.

Getting physically, emotionally, and mentally ready for homecoming can be quite an issue for a lot of people, but some lucky ones have it down.

Finding the perfect dress or suit is how students start off their homecoming process. Coming across the impeccable outfit with the shoes to match is a process in itself. Senior Alexa Kantor said, “I found my homecoming dress in August and fell in love with it. I was just casually looking online for some cute options when I came across it on Nordstrom. I was so happy when I found my shoes a few days later too because it can get difficult finding shoes to match a dress.”

The next step students take to get ready for homecoming is finding a date. Some may choose to go with a friend while others may go with their boyfriend/girlfriend or hopeful future significant other, or may choose to just go with a group of friends. Junior William Margarites said, “I am really excited for my first homecoming as a Wootton student. I am going with all my friends that I have been close with since middle school and I’m so happy to partake in the homecoming festivities.”

After students decide to take a date or not, homecoming proposals are made and presented to the dates. Different ideas for homecoming proposals are making a poster, using a type of sports equipment, asking them with food or using animals to get the question across. Sophomore Ian Smith said, “Last year, I asked my friend to homecoming by using a poster. Her best friend and I worked on the poster for hours until it looked good and then I went over and asked her.”

A few days before homecoming, final steps are taken in order to get ready for the big day. In order to make sure their nails are the perfect shape, size, and color, students rush to nail salons the week of homecoming. Also, students find it necessary to look tanner in their pastel colored dresses, so they get spray tans the Friday night before homecoming. Kantor said, “I love the week before homecoming because getting pampered is my favorite thing. My friends and I usually go together to get our nails done during the week.”

The day of homecoming has finally come. Students going with dates run to pick up their boutonnieres and corsages, girls flock to get their hair and makeup done at the nearest salon, and everyone puts on their well put-together outfits. Senior Leah Kellert said, “The day of homecoming is my favorite because I love getting my hair and makeup done. It makes me feel so good. Also, getting into my dress, shoes and jewelry is the best feeling.”