New drivers navigate through Rockshire

Zara Denison, Staff Writer

It happens every year: sophomores flexing their keys blossom into juniors with their own cars. These new drivers move into Rockshire to park for the year.

Although some of the students have had their licenses for a longer time now, others are still new and a parking lot full of rookies can lead to some interesting mornings in the parking lot.

Rockshire has been known to hold troubles for students for a long time. “I remember back when they put a fence into the lot and students were having a hard time figuring out where their parking spot ended, and the fence started,” substitute teacher Randy Alton said.

Running late to school, groggy from the night before or just plain being new behind the wheel, whatever the reason, some funny things can happen in the morning. “I’m not even new to driving, but every morning when I pull into Rockshire those speed bumps get my neck. I always forget they’re there and it feels like I fly over them,” junior Emma Helgeson said.

Different problems can arise from new drivers being pushed together, for example a case of a stolen spot. “One morning I was running a little late and I pulled up to my spot and there was another car in it. At first I was really annoyed but the security staff was super helpful and then the whole situation was kind of funny. At the end of the day I went to my spot to confront the perpetrator, but she said she didn’t even realize she parked in the wrong spot. It was so funny,” junior Eli Kerness said.

Getting used to driving to school has been an interesting experience, for these new drivers. “When I first got my parking pass when I wake up I would wait around for my parents to drive me to school and then I’d eventually realize like, “Oh yeah I drive myself’. I don’t even know why but I would just forget,” junior Ron Berlin said.

Interesting things have been happening in Rockshire from all students’ perspectives, even those who don’t park there. Senior Julia Bogart drives through the Rockshire parking lot on her way to school every morning and witnesses amusing things occur,that the people parking in Rockshire aren’t even responsible for. “It’s not even just driving or parking that’s an issue. Some people driving through Rockshire, decide not to wait in line before the light and just try to cut through. It’s like they think they can do whatever they want,” Bogart said.

Although it can be entertaining to witness a few slight mishaps, it’s important to remember to be safe, and avoid getting in accidents. “Sometimes a few minor things happen every once in awhile, but nothing that’s actually serious. Everyone that has a spot is a good driver, and I trust my peers,” junior Katherine Jackson said.