Students afraid to get help when needed

Emma Hoffman, Staff Writer

Lunch help is available to catch up on work and ask teachers questions.

For some students, gaining the courage to ask a teacher for help may be difficult, but is worth it in the long run, when the work is done.

With classrooms available for students to eat lunch in, certain classes can be crowded. Being loud, it’s sometimes difficult to focus when trying to do school work.

When other students are in the classroom it may make students feel uncomfortable. “When I’m confused, I try to go in during lunch and ask for help, but it’s overwhelming and awkward when other people are in there,” freshman Jolie Graham said.

While there are students who have difficulty, the majority say they had a great experience getting help. “After I go into a teacher for lunch help, I understand what we learned better,” senior Antonia Roach said.

Before quizzes and tests, students find it helpful to get help so they are prepared. “Before some of my quizzes I go into my teachers during lunch and it helps me so much, and I do significantly better on the quiz,” freshman Ethan Kuan said.

When thinking of going into a teachers room for help, don’t hesitate to ask. The extra time can be beneficial to your grade and gives you access to the help you needed.

While teachers are a great way to receive help on schoolwork, there are alternatives. Students may find it more helpful to get help from students closer to their age who have taken the class.

National Honors Society is another way to get help. Students for many different subjects are available to help during lunch.
Homework club is another alternative to teacher help. Tutors from different subjects are able to give students help.