Students say no to hoco experience

Common Sense Editorial

Regardless of whether you’re putting on a nice suit and freshly polished dress shoes, or a new dress and spending over $100 to get your hair and nails done, homecoming is a relaxing and fun event students look forward to every year. However, students often debate whether it is worth it to go to the school-sponsored dance.

The homecoming dance costs $20 for a single ticket. Tickets can be bought online at the school store or at the financial office in front of the library. Students who do not prefer to go to the dance say there is not a wide range of activities provided. “I went to the dance freshman year and the only things we could really do was go to the dance floors or take pictures with friends,” sophomore Rizel Serrano said.

Students tend to choose the option of going to take pictures with friends then going out to dinner, since the dance only includes one snack and water each and doesn’t include dinner. Locations that are popular for homecoming pictures and dinner include Rio Washingtonian Center, Rockville Pike and Rose and D.C..“I like going out to eat with friends because we can go to different stores and have more fun while $20 is a little pricey for a homecoming dance that doesn’t provide dinner,” junior Val Zhao said.

On the other hand, the homecoming dance can also be a good place for students to release stress. “I have been to the dance twice, freshman and sophomore year and this is my third year going. The dance is a fun way to get together with friends and you get to dress up,” senior Liliyana Lam said.

Buying a ticket to the dance includes access to the dance floor with a DJ, an area with a decorated background to take pictures with friends or dates as well as a snack and water. “I think students should go to homecoming their freshman year, or they should go at least once in high school to get the experience,” Serrano said.

An important and positive impact of the dance is the proceeds of homecoming this year are going to Hurricane Dorian victims to help with the damage. “I think students should go to homecoming because the more money we raise, the more people affected by the hurricane benefit from it,” Lam said.

A better use of time and money is to spend it at a different location. “I went to the dance freshman year and then sophomore year I spent homecoming with my friends at Rio, where we ate at Tara Thai and then walked around. I think people should choose a different place to get together,” junior Avana Wang said.

Despite the benefits, ultimately students should bypass the homecoming dance, as it is too expensive and should instead, spend homecoming elsewhere with friends.

7 of 9 members of the editorial board agree