See manages extracurriculars: field hockey, band


Jenna Lind, Sports Editor

Doing one intense extra curricular is hard enough to balance with school so imagine doing two. Junior Laura See does just that, balancing marching band and field hockey.

When participating in two activities that take up a lot of time it is important to prioritize health and school before anything. See has a schedule that she follows every night. She goes to bed at 10:30 p.m. no matter what she is doing. “To balance everything I really just take care of my sleep, time management, and I make sure I don’t get distracted with social things like my phone especially when I’m doing work. If I take care of my sleep schedule I do my work efficiently and I can get it all done. Sometimes I don’t finish my homework before 10:30 and in that case I do it the next morning,during lunch, or during wellness if we have it ,” See said.

Marching band and field hockey both require a lot of time; both have practice almost every day. The way that See is able to participate in both activities is by having an order of priority. “So first is marching band competitions, then field hockey games, then football games, then field hockey practice, then band practice,” See said.

See says that each activity is entertaining in its own way, which is why she could never imagine dropping either of them. “Band is more of a community feel and it is fun to play the mellophone in marching band and the French horn in school band. Field hockey is more of a close knit team because there are less of us and that makes for a family feel situation,” See said.

On Sept. 20 during the Churchill football game, there was a field hockey game at the same time. This resulted in a conflict for See, however field hockey games are prioritized higher than football games, resulting in See going to the field hockey game instead of the football game. “I know that Laura had to make a difficult decision on what to go to and I’m very happy she chose to go to field hockey instead of the football game because she is a great player and adds a lot to the team,” junior Erin Chang said.

Participating in two activities resulted in her not having a lot of time to hang out with her friends. “I know participating in both band and field hockey causes a lot of stress on Laura,” junior Ellie Novack said.