Splantastically planning Splanning: Darren Bogart


Abby Wei

Senior president of Splanning Darren Bogart has been involved in class planning organizations for over four years. Starting in middle school, Bogart ran for treasurer after hearing things from his older brother Steven Spector, a 2016 graduate, about activities the SGA was organizing at the time. Fueled with a passion to help organize school events and inject school spirit into an otherwise boring atmosphere, Bogart vowed to work during his middle school years in preparation for what class planning would have in store for him from his freshman year on.
Bogart held the position of class president during his freshman and sophomore years, while Tony Shen held it his junior year. Bogart now holds the position again as a senior. As a senior, Bogart has a class period devoted to class planning, along with the other splanners. “My favorite thing about planning is that it allows for a nice break in the middle of the school day,” Bogart said. “It’s really rewarding to see all of the planners’ hard work transform into actual class events when the time finally comes around.”
Bogart’s least favorite part of the job tends to be the “small things” like paperwork and signatures that are necessary yet tedious.
In terms of events that are held throughout the school year, Bogart admitted POTH is his favorite to attend and the one he is most looking forward to, as he played a major role in organizing it. “I love POTH because we’ve done really well in the past, winning all three years that we’ve competed, and it’s just hilarious to watch,” Bogart said.
Knowing all the work that has been put into this year’s show, Bogart encourages students to attend on Dec. 8 and watch funny announcers, impressive talent acts and the customary class lip sync dances.
In addition to being class president, Bogart is also a stellar student and athlete. With an impressive after-school internship “purifying polysaccharides to be studied in vaccines” (or “nerd stuff,” as he explains) at the Food and Drug Administration in White Oak and a spot on the state-winning boys’ tennis team here, he seems to do it all.
With all this on his plate, it’s hard to imagine how Bogart remains awake and moving, but he continues to do so with ease. When not at school or class planning or tennis or his internship, Bogart can be found watching his favorite movie, Kung Fu Panda, which he claims is just “a real feel-good film.”
Bogart said his biggest accomplishment was, “Winning student of the month in sixth grade, which definitely shaped me into the person I am today.”
Bogart’s life motto is: “Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock.”


Julia Gastwirth

Managing Editor