New athletic director appointed

Danielle Berman, Staff Writer

After 11 years of being the assistant athletic director, he finally moved up to the position of athletic director. English teacher Alton Lightsey was promoted to run the athletic department where he will take control of athletics and ensure that things run smoothly. With past experience being assistant he is excited to start applying changes to the program.

Lightsey has worked at the school since 2002. Lightsey is excited to take on this position so he can make changes to how the department runs. He encouraged coaches to require their sports teams to attend at least one of another team’s games. He plans to “bring back the school spirit,” and “have an increase in the audience at the sport games,” Lightsey said.

There are multiple reasons why Lightsey stepped up for this position. Lightsey first wanted to ensure that action was happening with school sports and encouragement at the games. He has seen a decrease in the lack of attention to all the sports and wants to motivate people to come to the games. Given his experience, he “knows how to run the program the best,” Lightsey said.

Students are excited for Lightsey to be the new athletic director. Senior Atonia Roach has been captain of the varsity cheerleading team for the past two years. She said lately that she is disappointed in the school’s lack of spirit. Roach wants the school to be more enthusiastic at the games.With Lightsey’s future plans for the school, she is “very excited to see an increase in school spirit hopefully,” Roach said.

Junior Ethan Chelf also said he is hopeful for the switch in department heads. Chelf has been on the varsity golf team for the past three years. He agrees that in the past couple years school spirit has lacked. Chelf wishes there was a better attitude toward going to the games. Chelf is hopeful that Lightsey will bring more attention towards school spirit and motivate others to come to all sporting events. He hopes “to see more people with school spirit,” Chelf said.

Coach Cassie Conti of the varsity cheerleading team is also hopeful. With her being a new coach she said the transition into her job was easy with the help of Lightsey. Conti said he welcomed her into the community and provided her with helpful tips in the first couple weeks. She felt that “he set [her] up for success in this coming season,” Conti said.