Kung Fu Tea makes a splash into Rio

Erin Frost, Features Editor

In addition to other locations in the area, Kung Fu Tea opened at Rio shopping center this summer, located on 6 Grand Corner Avenue. The store’s grand opening was on Aug.10,with regular hours of 11 a.m. to 10 p.m daily. “I went to Kung Fu for the first time on Aug.11, the day after the grand opening. The inside was packed with several people both in and outside. The vibe this new location gave off made me want to come back for more,” junior Eleni Jones said.

This newly renovated shop is a modernized version of the Kung Fu Tea located in Rockville. With the same menu, including both milk teas and fruit teas, and the colorful and vibrant exterior and a variety of seating options on the interior, customers eyes are drawn to the new location. “After going to the Rockville location numerous times, going to the Rio location for the first time was something different. The inside is much more relaxing and modern. Usually I carry out and drink my tea in the car, but with the cozy interior I am tempted to sit and stay a while,” senior Katie Barnett said.

The menu of Kung Fu Tea allows customers a variety of options, leaving each customer satisfied. Classic iced teas, milk teas, punch, milk cap, yogurt, slush, and espresso are available in flavors of all kinds, such as taro, mango, coconut, and more. Customers also have the option of tapioca bubbles, which are placed at the bottom of the cup. These also, are available in different flavors. “The options the menu includes are fit to the likings of every customer, giving this store a lot of business. My favorite thing to order on the menu is the matcha milk tea with plain bubbles. You have the option of extra bubbles, which I also get sometimes too,” freshman Jolie Graham said.

The customer service at this location is fantastic. There are at least four employees working at a time, leaving two for order taking and cash register, and two for making the drinks. Having this many employees working at a time avoids long lines and agitated customers from waiting.“Compared to the customer service at other locations I have been to, I notice a big difference. In the past, ordering from other locations, I remember being in line for an extended period of time, and then having to wait longer, as the same person who took my order made it as well. At the Rio location, it is much easier to get in and out, which is a very appealing addition at this location,” senior Olivia Kerben said.