Counselor changes leave students bittersweet

Beatriz Kim, Staff Writer

When students first hear the word “counselor,” the first thing that pops into mind is trustworthy adults who are there to help you, change your schedule, and give important presentations about how to respect others.

This school year, some students were forced to change counselors, leaving some feeling fortunate and some upset. The school lost a part-time counseling position, so students across grades who had that counselor were switched to one of the remaining eight counselors. The former counselor had “discussed all my future plans and had a better understanding on my goals, which we had planned prior to the switch,” junior Jordan Rosenzweig said.

This change of counselors has caused stress. “I had finally developed a relationship with my older counselor, and now I don’t even know my new counselor,” Rosenzweig said.

The change made it so the other counselors had uneven numbers of students. Counselor Jose Varela said the change made things better for counselors, but he understands that students may be concerned since they have to explain how their former counselor helped them and get to know their new counselors. “In theory it is helpful, but for practice it is a little frustrating,” Varela said.

The start to the new school year has made other students more comfortable. Different counselors have different ways of approaching students and students see the change as a good way of experiencing newer connections and more comforting relations. Junior Eva Zhang said this year’s change helps her. “My new counselor is understanding, really comfortable to talk to, he is very welcoming, and he wants to know you as a person,” Zhang said.

It is important that students feel like they can talk to their counselors since they “provide valuable assistance to students regardless of whether they work in an elementary school or middle school, high school or beyond,” according to the American School Counselor Association.

The American School Counselor Association stresses the positive impact of school counselors on student achievement. Not only are they supportive of students academic responsibilities, but counselors are also reliable people who students can come to when having difficulties in studies and difficulties emotionally.