Cyber Monday: more convenient shopping


Kyle Perel

Black Friday: a perfect reason to spend money just because of the sale and an opportunity to buy holiday gifts for much cheaper.
I’m not a fan of waiting in outrageously long lines and rushing to find my size before everything is sold out, which is why I am in favor of Cyber Monday.
I understand why people may think Black Friday is the way to go. It gives them a chance to see items in person, try them on and the ability to walk out with them right after purchasing.
“I like Black Friday because I get to go to the mall with the boys late at night,” senior Justin Nenadovic said.
At the newly built outlets in Clarksburg as a popular destination, the traffic was absurd. Within two miles of the outlets, it took 15 minutes to get there. The parking lot was full so off-site parking was available, but the cost was a mile walk.
People camp out in the cold to try to be close to the front of the line to get in the store, where on Cyber Monday, you can sit on the couch, continue to digest the turkey and stuffing you stuffed in your face during Thanksgiving dinner and have some hot chocolate while you wait for the sales to begin.
“I like Cyber Monday because I can buy clothes on sale without even leaving my house,” senior Ben Murk said.
What could be better than shopping without even getting off your couch? Nothing.
On Cyber Monday, people avoid long lines, the chance of their size being sold out and avoiding the struggle through the fatigue of walking and shopping, or as I call it, museum knees.
Most shopping centers have a limited number of stores and clearly they are not going to have every store in one little area.
Online however, you have access to any store via their website, and you can go back and forth from store to store just by opening a new tab.
While Black Friday shopping, people must commit to one store. They can’t be in multiple stores at once.
On the other hand, Cyber Monday allows people to compare prices on multiple websites and purchase items at multiple stores within minutes. No travelling is necessary.
Deals online last a few days, some online retail stores even call it Cyber Week, whereas Black Friday sales typically last one day.
In addition, why risk an injury that can occur while Black Friday shopping.
Retail stores can get pretty hectic with fights breaking out over the last pair of shoes or someone throwing elbows to make their way to the front of the line.
The United States is notorious for having violent scenes at stores, with videos of thousands of people rushing into stores, pushing and shoving everyone around them.
Black Friday is and still will be one of the most thrilling days of the year, however, people should consider waiting for Cyber Monday to get in their shopping with the amazing deals.


Nic Band

Opinion Editor