Students enjoy relaxing, creative AP art classes


Nesya Weinsweig, Staff Writer

High schoolers often fill their schedule with vigorous AP classes that they may not particularly enjoy in order to increase their cumulative GPA. AP Art, taught by Stephanie Labbe, Malinda Pierce and Quan Duong gives students opportunities to indulge in a college-level course that they actually enjoy.

AP arts curriculum consists of a variety of projects that include drawing and two as well as three dimensional art, and design. The basic art classes such as ceramics and studio art show a broad introduction into the art world whereas AP art digs deeper behind the meaning of pieces. Senior Nicole Sarria said, “It’s the one class I can do projects I actually like. Also it’s a break from the stress of such an academic based school. I can put in my earbuds and just express whatever is going on in my head like a productive outlet for stress and anxiety.”

Throughout the school year, AP art students put together a portfolio of their finest work to submit to the College Board. This portfolio is created to replace the exam. College art classes use the same concept of creating a portfolio to replace midterms or final exams. “In AP ceramics you send the year building projects related to a concentration that you choose and can use whatever materials you want, not just ceramic and the whole idea is an investigation into the topic you choose to express in your sculptures.” Sarria said.

Art has been proven to increase 11 types of skill sets needed by teens. Time management plays a huge role within art, being able to manage each project and turn it in by the due date. The ability to follow through shows through needing to finish each project even when mishaps and errors occur.

Often while creating a work of art, clay breaks or paint peels off and it is necessary that it is dealt with, which uses problem solving skills as well as patience. Teens are able to gain social skills through sitting next to another student who has the same interests. “AP art requires a passion for art making and an interest in making work that makes a statement. AP students need to be able to work very independently and be self-motivated,” Pierce said.