Freshman Administrator builds friendships with new students


Jenna Lind, Sports Editor

Former English teacher and current freshman administrator Jaclynn Lightsey makes sure students are not too academically stressed, on track to graduate and helps events run smoothly.

Lightsey is excited to get to know the new freshmen and learn more about them, though it is hard to get to know over 500 students on a personal level. She tries to capitalize on every opportunity she can to talk to the students. “When students come in to my office to get notes signed or at lunch, I try to walk around and start conversations with them. I know that sometimes the students are in a rush to get back to class or to go somewhere else, but I try to let the students know that I am not just here for when they get in trouble and am here to support them and am always rooting for the best for them,” Lightsey said.

Lightsey is trying her best to get the freshmen adjusted to high school since the transition can be challenging She wants to see the freshmen class do great things and become successful in life, but she knows that in order for that to happen, she has to set expectations for them. Students appreciate Lightsey’s efforts. “She seems nice but it is just the start of school so I don’t really know her well. I hope I get to know her more,” freshman Brooke Pitt said.

Lightsey made sure that over the summer there were opportunities for freshmen to get to know the school as well as their peers. She helped host the late August picnic which allowed students get to meet new people before school started. Those summer activities helped. “My administrator has made coming into high school a very smooth adjustment and has gave the freshmen many opportunities to get to know her, the school, teachers and other students,” freshman Ethan Berman said.

Since Lightsey was the administrator for the graduating class last year, she is excited to have new students and have different responsibilities. “With the seniors it was more of a focus on keeping them on track to graduate on time and make sure that they have the credits they need. The freshmen class allows me to focus on how things academically and socially will affect them down the line and how to get ahead of issues. I also am trying to encourage all the freshmen to find something they are passionate about whether it is a sport or a club because school is stressful and having a hobby that someone enjoys makes the stress load a little more manageable,” Lightsey said.

Lightsey and students are excited for the upcoming school year.