Back to school night connects parents, teachers


Dev Zoks, Managing Editor

Every year, parents of students travel to school to learn more about their children’s classes and teachers. This annual event is known as Back to School Night and it occurs during the first week of school since the start date of school got pushed back to after Labor Day.

On the first day of school, students got a piece of paper so they could write down their classes, teachers’ names, and room number for their parents. On Sept. 6, each class period was about eight minutes, giving the teachers enough time to interact with the parents. At the beginning of the night, Principal Kimberly Bolden and the PTSA president spoke to give an introduction to the night.

Over the night, parents were able to get an inside look at the daily lives of their kids. “I love Back to School Night because it gives the parents a chance to interact with our kids’ new teachers, and let us get an insight of our kids’ every day schedule,” Jeff Rubin said.

During Back to School Night there tons of clubs in the Commons to try to raise money. Senior planning was present to sell cookies and baked goods to help fund events like Homecoming and prom. Some members of the editorial board for newspaper were there trying to sell subscriptions to the paper and promote the newly founded social media. Yearbook was also in the Commons, selling yearbooks to parents. Lots of parents were buying yearbooks as it was at a discounted price.The Patrons of the Arts displayed some of the school’’s finest artists and their work. “It was really fun to be able sell yearbooks and help fund money for our school,” senior Madison Linn said.

Throughout the night, the halls were filled with students wearing red polos, known as Patriot Ambassadors. They were there to direct the parents to the classrooms.. “Back to School Night is a great night for parents to learn the school and I am glad I was able to help parents find their way,” senior Patriot Ambassador Danielle Klein said.