First pep rally pumps up students for fall sports

Jack Lvovsky, Sports Editor

At the pep rally on the first Friday of the year, the SGA introduced to the new sports teams’ captains and the cheer and prom teams performed. Senior Michael Andia said, “The pep rally was a lot of fun. It was cool being a senior and seeing all of my friends on the field.”

The Student Government Association announced that the homecoming theme is “Nightmare on Wootton Parkway.” Senior and SGA treasurer Arian Nyandjo said, “This will be the best theme yet. We’ve got a lot in store for the homecoming dance.”

For the freshman, this was their first high school pep rally. Many freshmen were confused about where to sit and didn’t know when to scream to see which grade has the most school spirit. Junior Thomas Jezek said, “When the freshmen were asked to scream to see if they had the most school spirit, I heard about three freshman yell and the others just sat there.”

As the poms team were about 30 seconds into their routine, their music stopped playing. Students seemed confused but the poms kept dancing. The crowd attempted to sing the words of the song for two minutes to support the dancers but, the poms continued their dance in complete silence. Senior Haley Schienberg said, “This is really frustrating to me but I’m extremely proud of my team for persevering and giving the crowd a great routine.”

This pep rally was the first pep rally in over a year that had good weather. Past pep rallies have either ended up being inside because of storms, or the students have gone outside for 30 minutes, only to get a sudden tornado warning, ending the pep rally. Senior Olivia Kerben said, “It felt good to be able to sit outside the whole time and enjoy the pep rally with my friends and the rest of the people at our school.”

Sports team captains stated how they will try to be making a run at states. Senior soccer goalkeeper Matthew Kopsidas said, “This year should be our year. I expect us to win states.”