Online Exclusive: Ways to make summer cash

Justin Linn, Staff Writer

Summer vacation is coming up and for most people it’s either hitting the beach, going to the pool or going to summer camp. For different people, summer is a time to earn money through camps or getting a job at the local pool.

The pools opened Memorial Day weekend, and a lot of students hit the water. Freshman Sophie Friedman will spend most of her summer in the high chair at the Westleigh pool being a lifeguard. This is Friedman’s first year as a lifeguard, and she has been training for this opportunity since April. “We had to take a bunch of classes on lifeguarding and other stuff that had to do with lifeguarding, but it’s good training,” Friedman said.

Being a counselor is also an opportunity to earn money and help out the community. Senior Madison Linn is looking to earn money by becoming a swimming instructor at the Jewish Community Center in Rockville. Linn recently applied and is looking for a job to keep her busy over the summer. “This job is great for me because I love the pool and I love children, and helping children. So this opportunity is going to be great for me,” Linn said.

Freshman Bradley Luts will also be a lifeguard, but he won’t actually be lifeguarding. Luts has also been training since April, but an unfortunate series of events caused a delay for him to become a lifeguard. Luts recently fractured his elbow while playing lacrosse, and because of that he won’t be able to lifeguard this at the Westleigh pool. He will be working at the front desk and checking people into the pool. Luts knows that it is a good learning experience even if he’s not actually lifeguarding. “It  sucks that I won’t be a part of the lifeguard team, but I know that from this experience, I will be ready to come back strong,” Luts said.

Freshman Ian Smith will be working at the Maryland Basketball Academy camp as a counselor. Smith has been playing basketball for the majority of his life and knows that he can help kids grow as players. “This is a great opportunity to help out with the kids and I love basketball so it should be a great time,” Smith said.