Online Exclusive: Students prepared to take new parking spots

Preston Phillips, Staff Writer

Since the seniors graduated on May 29, 165 spaces became available in the lower parking lot and the deadline has passed to turn it applications. The spaces on the lower lot are given by a first-come first-serve system. These end of the year permits to the lower parking lot were distributed on May 28.

The application that was required in order to acquire an end of the year parking permit had many demands, including a GPA of at least 2.0, no financial obligations, and adhere to attendance policies. Students also have to have their SSL hours completed.

According to the EOY application for parking, if students do have attendance issues, have a GPA under 2.0 or have any financial obligations, then they are not eligible to park in the lower lot. When leaving or entering the parking lot students have to follow the arrows provided in the center of the road or their permit will be revoked. If students do not follow traffic regulations on Wootton Parkway or in the parking lot, then their permit will be taken away. If students are parked in incorrect spaces such as visitor or staff spaces or if they falsify any documentation to obtain a permit, then their permit will also be taken away.

If juniors currently have a Rockshire permit, they are required to turn it in, in order to receive the permit. If students already have a permit, they do not need to apply for the end of the year permit. Students are not allowed to park anywhere on the school’s property until they have actually received their permit.

Students are eager to park in the lower lot, including junior Vikram Reddy, who said “Parking in the lower lot is going to be much easier than riding an overcrowded bus.”

The end of the year application is not complicated to fill out and requires various personal information such as student id and address. The application also requires information about the student’s vehicle such as the plate, and insurance provider. A copy of the student’s driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance must be provided when submitting the application.

Due to the limited 165 spaces, not everyone will be able to receive a end of the year permit. These permits will not be valid for the 2019-2020 school. Students will have to apply for a new permit in order to park at the school parking lot for the next school year.