Taco’ bout tasty gas station meals


Tej Joshi

Where is the last place you would go to eat? Next to a junkyard? Or perhaps a veterinarian’s office? How about a gas station? The last option is not so far-fetched. Taco Bar, a traditional Mexican restaurant, shares a wall with a Washingtonian Express gas station and is flourishing.
For a restaurant that wants success in such a competitive industry, a gas station does not make the best neighbor. However, with Guapos and Uncle Julio’s less than a mile away, Taco Bar is by far the best of its competition.
Taco Bar is located across from Downtown Crowne Plaza. With traditional food for an unbeatable price, Taco Bar makes an excellent option for filling up on two fronts. Don’t need gas? Get your oil changed at the Lube Center next door. Taco Bar manages to attract a crowd no matter what their location may be. And if you want outdoor seating on a nice day, they’ve got you covered.
On my most recent visit, I ordered the steak tacos in a corn tortilla. I was not disappointed. The two tacos were ready in about a minute and cost about $3.07. For that price, one would not predict such a delicious meal. With some lettuce and pico de gallo, I was in love. The meal is not spicy by itself but there are different hot sauces that make an excellent addition. If you can’t handle the heat, walk over to the convenience store next door where you can get any drink you want to quench your thirst.
The tacos are not the only affordable option on the menu. Not a single option on the Taco Bar menu other than the combos or platters exceed $10. The chips, costing only $2, are always fresh and perfect when accompanied by some guacamole. “The ‘guac’ is ridiculous,” senior Darren Feldman said.
Feldman and his family first went to Taco Bar back in 2013 and have been going back ever since. “I go there every once in awhile. The food is great,” Feldman said.
Being nearby makes the restaurant convenient.Taco Bar has been in business since 2003 and its popularity has continued to grow. It doubles as a liquor store, but few people were there for the alcohol during my visit. This hidden gem is not so hidden anymore. Take advantage of a great meal at an unbeatable price. Wait for when your car is running on fumes or needs an oil change; or for when you’re in the mood for a full meal for less than the cost of an appetizer at Uncle Julio’s. Either way, find the time to give Taco Bar a shot.


Josh Friedman

Opinion Editor