Teammates exchange gifts to commemorate their season

Ella Mcgrath, Staff Writer

When school sport teams come to an end and it’s banquet time, gift ideas for your teammates and coaches can be hard to think of. Different factors go into picking out the perfect gift.

The price range can be difficult to figure out. For coaches, the whole team usually pitches in to buy one gift all together. When you are buying gifts for teammates individually, buying gifts is different. For example, girls’ lacrosse has secret sister in which they give small gifts to that person throughout the season, and at banquet you reveal yourself to them and usually buy a bigger gift. The pressure to spend money and deciding how much to spend can be stressful and unnecessary for the end of any sports season. “I spent under $ 20. I bought some candy and made a cute picture frame,” freshman Helena Hansen said.

Players also struggle to figure out exactly what to get their teammates. Some choose to go with a more personal gift such as a picture of the team in a decorated picture frame, or a collage of pictures that the player is in. Some other ideas are a blanket customized with their number on it or a gift card to a athletic store so they can buy new gear for their sport. “I like getting my teammates small but memorable gifts that they will enjoy looking back at such as picture collages,” sophomore Lizzy Woodward said.

For coaches, a present idea could be hard especially if it is a big team and you do not know them as well. Some ideas for coaches are going in on a gift card from the whole team to a nice restaurant or a photo album of the team’s best moments.

Banquet is a fun time to come together as a team and reflect on the season. Players enjoy giving and receiving both gifts and prizes from teammates and coaches. “Banquet is fun because everyone comes together and remembers fun times as a team,” junior Evan McLaughlin said.