Students join summer swim teams for excitement, relaxation, exercise


Josh Levine, Staff Writer

After a long and treacherous year of school, joining a summer swim team is an excellent way to spend your time, get in shape and join a community. There are swim teams throughout Montgomery County that have available spots.

It’s important that students are able to have time to recharge and relax from school during the summer. Working as a coach for a swim team, doing private lessons for children, or working as a lifeguard are easy ways to make money while also having fun. Working, coaching, or participating on any of these teams is an efficient way of spending your time instead of staying inside all day.

Memories and friendships can be made while on a swim team, from the early brisk morning practices to the late night barbeques. The sense of being a part of a community stays. “I’ve been on the swim team at Rockshire for as long as I can remember. I enjoy being on a swim team because of all of the friends I have made throughout the years and the fact that swim team gets me up and active, not wasting my day,” junior Andy Ram said.

You don’t need to be a top tier swimmer to join a swim team. It is popular to join a swim team for the exercise and to prevent laziness. “I only really swim during the summer while I’m on swim team. I just like to be productive with my days and joining the swim team helped me get up in the mornings, get a good work out, and be a part of a fun competitive team,” sophomore Keyan Roshan said.

Joining a swim team is like becoming a part of a larger family. Every day you spend hours surrounded by the same people doing the same things. It’s a special opportunity no matter if you are one of the members of the team or on the coaching staff. “I have always enjoyed swimming and think I’m pretty good at it, so this summer I plan to be an assistant coach on my local swim team,” sophomore Nima Razisoltani said.
Joining a swim team is a fun and healthy alternative to staying inside all day or wasting time.