Students aim to complete summer bucket list


Camden Opfar, Staff Writer

Summer is just around the corner and students are eagerly waiting on the edge of their seats for the end of school. Bucket lists are being arranged to keep students busy during this three-month vacation.

With the end of school, students are planning to go on vacation. Going on vacation during the school year can cause stress because of the extra work students have to do before, during and after their brief break. Sophomore Maddie Etman is excited about her plans to go to Costa Rica to have fun with her family. “I am going to Costa Rica to go to the beach and have fun family activities,” Etman said.

Students may decide to get a summer job to earn money. Having a summer job teaches teens work-ethic, time management, saving money and other essential skills for the future. Summer jobs can be a productive activity for those who may be bored. Etman wants to have a summer job,“I am currently looking for a job, and I started to get applications,” Etman said.

Students are starting to make goals over the summer. Having summer goals not only gives students an opportunity to work, but it also trains them in future purposes. Freshman Eric Arvizu is planning to be an entrepreneur this summer. This can be a good idea for any students who don’t have much to do or want to pursue business in the future. “I want to run a lemonade stand this summer,” Arvizu said.

Students are delighted about eating at their favorite restaurants over the summer. Junior Devin McFarland loves to eat. “I like either Guapos or Potbellies,” McFarland said.

There can be some boring days, so it is always good to have ideas and plans to fill these mundane times. Sophomore Hayden Agan has plans to make the most out of his summer. “You could go to the movies, walk your dog or hang out with your friends,” Agan said.

If students aren’t traveling on vacations, there are plenty of fun activities to do in the Rockville area. Summer is also hanging out with friends and family while making the most of three months. McFarland plans on doing some adventurous activities in Rockville, including going to a good restaurant or the park. “You could jog around Rio or go to a park to run, play soccer or enjoy nature,” McFarland said.