Students find permanent place for art portfolios


Camryn Yi, Features Editor

By the end of the year, art students have a hefty portfolio containing all the artwork they’ve created throughout the school year.

Although art class is a graduation requirement, some students find themselves taking an art class every year, whether it’s to fill in a period or for personal enjoyments. Students end up taking around three projects home per semester, not knowing what to do with them. “I take it home to show my mom so she can hang it up somewhere in the house because she loves my artwork,” sophomore Zara Denison said.

A wide variety of art classes count for the required credit. Not all students take a drawing, painting, or ceramics art class for their credit. Students interested in entertainment have the options of taking an acapella class as well. Although they don’t take home any artwork at the end of the year, they do performances and take videos of their performances. “I love watching all our performances after with my family and acapella group. It is my favorite class,” junior Stephanie Povich said.

In one semester students typically do around three to four art projects.“I put my artwork on the walls in my room and admire it everyday. I am quite proud and delighted about my artistic abilities,” junior Chase Mcgraw said.

To take an art class, students do not have to have the artistic abilities of an artist. Foundations of art teaches the basics and is for everyone, whereas higher art classes such as AP ceramics and studio art three are where increased skill is necessary.

Some students choose to discard their work.“I throw my artwork away. The artistic and creative genes do not run in my family and my mom doesn’t want to hang it up, but it’s OK. I understand why,” freshmen Annabelle Cho said

The lessons taught are based off of famous, well-known artists whose influence on the art community are an inspiration. Students imitate artists such as Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh.

Other students display their work. “I put up my art on the walls in my family room so everyone can see how talented I am and how I have an abundance of artistic ability,” junior Douglas Cantor said.

In art classes students learn about different art concepts and strategies like texture, shape, lines, color, value and contrast and form. “I learned more than I thought I would about the different strategies of art,” junior Sam Bashiri said.

As students increase in art level the difficulty of the course becomes more independent. “I take studio art three and usually put my art in the attic where it will probably stay for the next couple of year,” junior Camila Pacheco said.