Students debate the most difficult quarter

Jenna Lind, Sports Editor

Students have a quarter they dread because it is harder than the rest. Whether it is the amount of homework and classwork, material, or adjusting to high school, there is always that something that makes one quarter harder than others.

For freshman they start out their school year having to get used to high school and learn to adapt to the changes. Quarter one makes freshmen realize that high school is much bigger and has more work (both homework and class work), but also gives students more freedom. “Quarter one was hardest because I had to adjust from middle school to high school and you have to get to know your teachers,” freshman Charlotte Christovich said.

Other grades are already used to how high school works so the first is not usually the hardest quarter. Quarter two is when teachers start testing your knowledge and stop easing you into the class. The material is usually harder than first quarter. “Quarter two is definitely the hardest quarter for me because that is when I have to start paying closer attention to the class since the material is becoming more challenging and really starts to test what I know,” junior Benjamin Fritz said.

Quarter three is when students feel stressed because of the complexity of the material and the amount of work that is given. Also returning from winter break and having to start school again is never easy. During this time of year the temperature becomes strange and is cold some days and hot others. When this happens some classrooms are freezing while others are boiling hot. Doing work in these conditions is difficult. “Quarter three is the hardest because it always seems like there is the most complicated material then and it’s really cold in the winter, which messes up the temperature in the building,” sophomore John Vincent said.

During quarter four, students begin to wish it was summer, This causes students to lose focus during class and teachers have a difficult time getting attention back from students. “Fourth quarter is the hardest for me as a teacher because everyone is worn out and looking forward to summer and less enthusiastic about school than the others,” chemistry teacher Lori Ruderman said.