Tests should be reduced during AP exam week


Students may wonder why their teachers give them tests and quizzes along with all of the stress students have to deal with during AP testing and Parcc/HSA testing week.

AP testing week is a stressful time. Students use every little bit of time they have to study for these tests so they can get college credit if they get higher than a three. AP studying can’t be done in one day. It takes weeks and sometimes a month for students to study all the information they have learned during the whole year.

During tests week students put all of their focus to these tests and put classes on a pause till the tests are over. Or at least that’s what the students try to do. Teachers give tests and quizzes during AP week and students are overwhelmed.

Realistic teachers don’t give tests and quizzes during these weeks because they try not to stress out their students. Teachers that are giving their students tests during this time period. These select group of teachers believe that even though their students have a lot of studying to do, they still need to put the same amount of time and concentration into classes. These teachers don’t realize how stressful it’s for the students being loaded with all this work. “Among studying for my AP exam, I had a math test, chemistry test, and an English vocabulary test, which made me stressed out,” junior Brooke Simon said.

The stress that people are going through impacts their life out of school. Students have little time to go out with their friends because they have too much work. Some students get so much schoolwork during this time that they don’t have time to complete it all, which is reflected in their grades.

With students being in and out of school when taking the AP exam, they miss the work that went on that day. When the teachers give out an excessive amount of work, students who miss fall even farther behind. Teachers should be reasonable and kind, and halt quizzes and tests in this three-week window. “I had two AP exams to study for and that didn’t give me any time to study for my math test that I had,” unior Molly Burns said.