Junior Osagie Aimiuwu proves hard work pays off


Leah Starr, Profiles Editor

Whether it’s through honors societies, volleyball and track, a cappella or Patriot Ambassadors, you probably have heard the name: Osagie. By now, the winner of the Hall of Fame Award and Science Service Award, junior Osagie Aimiuwu has pretty much done everything the school has to offer.

Being nominated for the Hall of Fame Award alone is impressive but winning is a huge honor. The work that Aimiuwu has put into his studies and extracurriculars has not gone unnoticed and winning this award shows the extent to which he has helped the school. “I was extremely surprised when I actually won the award. All the other students that were nominated deserved the award as well, so I assumed my chances of winning were low,” Aimiuwu said.

His involvement in math, music and national honor societies, Patriot Ambassadors, varsity boys’ volleyball, indoor and outdoor varsity track and the Supertonics has not only deemed Aimiuwu more than capable of winning this award, but also shows how versatile of a person he is. “Osagie is selfless. He is always willing to help people,” Chemistry teacher Jacqueline Alton said.

Osagie spends some of his time in the chemistry classrooms at lunch helping students prepare for tests and quizzes and helping the teachers. Because students go to him sometimes no more than 10 minutes before a test, he has to be able to quickly recall past topics and be calm under pressure. “He is an amazing student as well as an amazing teacher. He knows the material so he can teach it very well,” Chemistry teacher Aileen Ruderman said.

Aimiuwu’s sister, who had just returned from college, his parents and teachers were able to congratulate him. “The day after the award ceremony a few teachers stopped me in the hall to congratulate me on winning the award. The first two were [arts teacher Stephanie] Labbe and [music teacher Susan] Eckerle.”

The amount of work that Aimiuwu puts into everything he does is impressive. On top of all of his extracurriculars, he also takes challenging classes. “The most challenging class I have taken is AP Language and Composition. I had to put in a lot more effort than I usually do to do well in this class.”

From family members, to teachers and friends, Aimiuwu has been characterized as a helpful person inside and outside of school. “Osagie and I are both on outdoor track and field and his hard work definitely pushes other teammates and me to work harder. He also provides the team with a really hopeful attitude and is very uplifting all of the time,” sophomore Sean Kim said.

Friends, faculty, and family have all been able to watch Aimiuwu work hard.