Language honors societies celebrate new members at ceremony


Betty Berhane, News Editor

Induction for World Language Honors Society took place on May 16 in the auditorium. There are around 20-30 people in each language honor society.

Newly inducted Chinese Honors Society member sophomore Shanna Li can not wait to be a part of the group. “I am very excited to be a part of an honors society at school, especially for a language that I love. I think helping people learn and understand Chinese better will be really fun,” Li said.

Sophomore Ale Valdivia has been surrounded by Spanish for all of her life. Valdivia is half Hispanic, Mexican to be exact, on her dad’s side. Her dad wanted her to be able to speak Spanish when she was grown up, so at a very young age, he started speaking to her in Spanish so that she would grasp the language better.

Visiting Mexico with her family as often as possible, as well as speaking the language at home, allowed Valdivia to now speak Spanish fluently. She is currently taking AP Spanish as a sophomore this school year and has joined Spanish Honors Society. “I wanted to be a part of the Spanish speaking community in my school and further my love for the culture. Hopefully I can make other people love the culture as much as I do,” Valdivia said.

The school offers Spanish, French and Chinese Honors Society. No Spanish, French, or Chinese background is necessary to join. If a student would like to be a part of one of the language honors society, a student must currently be in French 3, Spanish 4, or Chinese 4, fill out an application, and then must be accepted. Each language honors society has slightly different eligibility rules when it comes to the application process.

French Honors Society member, and next year’s treasurer, sophomore Jeremy Ullman enjoys French Honors Society. “We promote and spread francophone culture through various events and activities. I personally joined because I really like taking French and wanted to go to another level for it,” Ullman said.

If a student taking any of these languages would like some assistance, the honors society members in each language can help. “We take turns tutoring in teachers’ rooms during lunchtime on certain days. We also have fundraisers, ” Li said.

Ullman is happy with his decision to join French Honors Society and encourages people to do so as well. “I recommend joining an honors society. If not French, than at least something else you are interested in. I’m happy to have a bigger role in the society next year,” Ullman said.