News Briefs

Maryland governor pushes for education funding

Despite showing concerns over the bill, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced on May 15 that education funding will receive a $255 million boost, according to News4 DC. The General Assembly approved legislation in April to begin implementing recommendations made by the Kirwan Commission, which has been studying how to improve the state’s schools. The recommended actions include a raise in teacher pay and adding programs that help low-income and special education students. News4 also reports that the money is the first part of a $1.1 billion funding increase in the span of three years. Hogan pointed out that the commission did not agree on new funding formulas to help pay for the increases. The commission is still working on how the state and local governments will divide the costs.

Superintendent awards student theater performers

MCPS superintendent Jack Smith hosted an event awarding three graduating seniors. In addition to being superintendent, Smith is also a theatre performer and director, according to a news release. At the event being at Wheaton, he presented an award to seniors Zack Cassidy, Lisa Meyerovich and Robert Summers-Berger, recognizing their extraordinary accomplishments in theatre. The three seniors, along with 15 members of the Spamalot cast and two crew members, performed “I’m All Alone” from the musical, according to the news release. Although all 25 high schools in the county have award winners, only eight schools receive the chance to perform each year.

Efforts made to prevent police-involved deaths

The chief executive of Montgomery County signed a measure that increases transparency of investigations into police-involved deaths. News4 DC reports that Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich signed the measure on May 16 in Rockville. “The measure seeks to ensure investigations into a police officer’s conduct independent, impartial and transparent,” according to News4. In addition to investigators in the case being required to be from separate jurisdictions in order to review the case, they are also required to submit reports of their findings to the Montgomery County attorney or a designated official who will review and decide charges on the case, according to News4 DC. Any investigation that results in no charges being filed will be required to be released to the public. If a criminal case is brought, the report will be released at the end of the court case, News4 reports.

-Joaquin Moreno, staff writer