Online Exclusive: The future for senior athletes

Noah Lenkin, Staff Writer

Common Sense talked to three athletes who received offers to play their sport in college. Those athletes were Nick Huynh, Chloe Perel, and Noelly Miller. Perel said she’ll miss Wootton field hockey. Perel said, “I really love playing and wanted to keep playing at the highest level, so I decided to play at Brown because it offered me everything I wanted.”

In college field hockey, athletes typically travel over the country. Perel said, “I am really excited to travel to schools all over the country.Perel said her favorite moment was “going to states freshman year.” Perel is also thankful for those who guided her. “Two people that were mentor figures for me and valuable figures in my field hockey career were freshmen coach Kearney Blandamer and club coach Sarah Dawson, she said.”

 Huynh has many favorite memories from the team. Huynh said, “The idea of taking a four year long hiatus from tennis during college didn’t sound like the optimal choice for me, so I chose to pursue college tennis.

Huynh was made a scholarship offer by Mount St. Mary. He said “Mount St Mary’s best fulfilled my college criteria, which is it was within close proximity to my home, is a D1 school, and a smaller, more intimate college which I prefer. Huynh has loved being on the team here. He said,“ I will miss the camaraderie on the team, as I’ve been on the team for four years, as well as playing alongside these team members for four years, and they have become good friends. I will also miss Coach Cresham, who has been a huge part of my high school tennis life.”

 Athletes often have a mentor or a coach to keep them on the right track to college.  Huynh said, “My coaches Vince and Matz, Coach Cresham, and my parents have been incredibly instrumental in helping me improve my tennis to where it is today.”

Noelly Miller, a three year varsity football player, is going to the University of Delaware.  Miller said, I chose Delaware because I felt it was the best mix of school and football of the options I have to play at the next level.”

Miller had praise for his favorite high school football coach. “A mentor figure for me was Chris Papadopulos, and the best memory of my high school football career was beating Walkersville after losing 77-6 my junior year, and catching the winning touchdown pass against Churchill my junior year was really cool, he said.”

Miller is excited for the future because “ I look forward to all the new gear in college as well as making connections with my teammates,” he said.” Miller is continuing on because“I couldn’t stop playing football because I enjoy the rush the game always gives me and I have too much passion for it to stop.”