Team looks strong heading into playoffs


tony k

Justin Linn, Staff Writer

Girls’ varsity finished this season 6-5 as they head into the playoffs.

In order for the team to succeed in the playoffs, they might need some help from the JV players. Freshman Daniela Cottone and Anna Kenneally, along with sophomores Darcey Touchette, Emma Hoffman and Eleni Jones, and junior Guadalupe Balangero, were all called up to play with the varsity team. Varsity won their division this year and will be looking to take that momentum into the postseason.

Varsity has always looked for the helping hand when it comes to the end of the season call-ups. Last season, junior Madison Linn (this writer’s sister) was called up at the end of the season and quickly got in the mix. Linn is a defender and helped varsity throughout the playoffs. Last year varsity felt good about their play in the postseason, beating Northwest and Quince Orchard, but losing in the regional finals to Walt Whitman. Linn knew her role on the team last season. “After getting called up, there was a fire lit in my head and I was extremely motivated to help my team and prove that I belong on this team,” Linn said.

This year, six JV players were all called up for the end of the season run. Cottone had a great season and varsity coaches Lauren Zucconi and Casey Fletcher noticed and are giving her a chance to prove herself on the varsity level. “At the end of the last game for JV, our coaches put us all in a circle and announced who was getting called up. At first, I was confused and shocked when my name got called, especially because I’m a freshman and I’ve never played lacrosse before. I was extremely proud of myself for making it so far and exceeding the expectations. I am a little nervous playing alongside the varsity girls, but it should be fun,” Cottone said

Keneally was the other freshman to get called up. This isn’t her first time on the varsity sports level. She was also called up from JV to varsity in field hockey. Keneally started playing three weeks before tryouts, so she had to pick up the game quickly. “I was not expecting it at all and it was so scary at the first game because everyone is intimidating, but the whole team is supportive and helpful and making the transition very easy. It is very easy to become confident on the varsity level with the coaches and players supporting me every step of the way,” Keneally said.

Touchette was a freshman last year so her chances of getting called up last year were slight, but she knew that she had to work hard to achieve her goal of getting called up. “I knew that I had to work for this opportunity, but I was nervous for playing with varsity, but I’m happy I get to continue this season,” Touchette said.

Wootton beat Gaithersubrg on Friday and will be playing Richard Montgomery on May 13, too late to be covered in this issue.