After winning twice in row, team optimistic for remaining games

After winning twice in row, team optimistic for remaining games

Ella Mcgrath, Staff Writer

The co-ed volleyball team’s season has come to a end.

With more than half of the players being underclassmen, the team had a rocky start. The team worked hard on their communication, which allowed them to improve of their passing during games. As the season went on, the team grew closer, allowing them to work as one team. “We coordinate what we improve on during practice and then translate that to our performance in games,” junior Sophia Xu said.

The team is now on to playoffs and has already completed two games. They started with a win against Einstein 3-0. Throughout there first three games they played well overall, making great passes and staying motivated throughout each game. The team struggled in their game against Sherwood and lost 3-0.

In the past the team has struggled with consistency, but in playoffs they hoped to turn that around. “I think everyone plays really well, we just need to be more consistent,” sophomore Liza Broydo said.

Throughout the season, the team has stayed positive and optimistic for every game. “Everyone has been cheering and been really positive which is really nice to see,” Broydo said.

Being on a coed team is different for some of the players and can be hard to adjust to. At the beginning of the season the team was more split up between the boys and girls, but as the season progressed the team became more coerce and integrated. “It helps having funny boys on the team who always joke around,” Xu said.