Big win over rival finishes off girls’ JV lacrosse season


Betty Berhane, News Editor

This year, the junior varsity girls lax team was led by sophomore captains Eleni Jones, Nadia Emran, Jordyn Delo and Coach Lauren Zucconi. The season record was 3-6.

The one-and-a-half month long season concluded with a home game on Apr. 27 against Northwest. The Patriots won 13-7. Emran was happy with the results of the game. “It was a good feeling to beat Northwest since they are a sports centered school. I was very excited to end the season with a win,” Emran said.

Jones’ favorite game was a home game against Clarksburg on Apr. 8. The Patriots beat Clarksburg 9-8. “I really enjoyed the C-burg game because it was really close the entire time, so it was nice to be the one on top. It was also the first game that we won, so coming from a captain point of view, I was excited for the rest of the team to experience their first win together,” Jones said.

At the end of the season, six players got pulled up to the varsity team: freshmen Anna Keneally and Daniella Cottone, sophomores Jones and Darcey Touchette and junior Guadalupe Balangero.

Jones was ecstatic when she received the news that she got pulled up. “I was excited to hear that I would be playing with the varsity players. Last year I didn’t get pulled up, so it was nice to know that I have improved enough to get pulled up this year and that all of my hard work had paid off,” Jones said.

Looking back at the season, Emran realized that her favorite memories did not come from winning games. “My favorite parts of this season would definitely have to be team dinners. Yeah, winning games is fun and all, but during team dinners everyone would bond and laugh more than we ever did. I’m going to miss them,” Emran said.

Freshman Jenna Seibert has been playing field hockey for three years and made the varsity team this past fall. When a couple of friends told her that lacrosse was similar to field hockey, she decided to give it a shot and try out.

Seibert compares her experiences on both teams. “I thought it was going to be intimidating to play with sophomores being not that experienced, but it was really fun and easy to bond with them. It was a totally different atmosphere than varsity field hockey, not because it was not fun, but because I was a lot younger than most of the girls and I did not feel that I had a strong connection to them,” Siebert said.