Taylor Swift’s new song doesn’t meet expectations

Taylor Swift’s new song doesn’t meet expectations

Sarah Levine, News Editor

Pop star Taylor Swift has had her share of attention, but her new song Me! is definitely raising eyebrows. This song, featuring Daniel Urie, lead singer of the pop/alternative band Panic At The Disco,“ is a showcase for the worst and weakest aspects of Swift’s work,” pitchfork.com said.

The song was held under wraps until its release on Apr. 25. In the music video, released the same day as the song, there were clues of her upcoming album.

Her fans have seen drastic changes from her since her album Reputation, which slammed the bad publicity and drama she was involved in with celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. This song implies she’s passing all of the controversy and is showing a new side. “The song is less of a selfie than the title suggests, and it’s too bad. Swift’s cry of individuality has the air of vintage–Katy Perry empowerment-core, and though there is a Swiftian theme of embattled love, it’s buffed of any details,” The Atlantic said.

Despite her brief vacation period, Swift has kept her fan base strong, with fans acting ecstatic about this approach to her music.

The mixed emotions of her lyrics in this song present mixed emotions for an upcoming album as well. The lyric “Hey kids spelling is fun!” seems to widen her fan base to younger kids, although to her older fans this song does not have much appeal.

In comparison to her Reputation album, this song was expected to have as much popularity as her previous songs including,“Look What You Made Me Do,” and “Delicate” but unfortunately for Swift, it has not reached the same level.

When realizing Swift’s progression through her career, she been known as the dramatic pop star who writes all of her songs about her depressing love tragedies, and this song shows a different side of her, but whether it’s for the better is unclear.