Thunderstorm interrupts end-of-year pep rally

Jack Lvovsky, Sports Editor

In honor of the spring sports, Wootton hosted a pep rally on Apr. 26, introducing all of the sporting teams and their records. Co-president of the SGA Aaron Lazar, started the pep rally off with a cheer contest between each of the grades. The freshman won the contest and earning $100 towards their school- related events. Freshman Nate Jacobs said, “I always look forward to pep rallies. I love seeing the school in such high spirits.”

After the SGA presidents finished their speeches, the spring teams introduced themselves and announced when they will be playing their next games. A team that surprised most students sitting in the bleachers was the tennis team because their captain, senior Nick Huynh, announced that they have won 11 consecutive state championships. Junior Benjamin Fritz said, “I could not believe that the tennis team is that good. I definitely want to go out and support the team.”

After all of the teams were introduced, the Woottonettes performed. Their dance was filled with comedic moves and a great solo by senior David Mejia. Sophomore Connor Koch said, “Performing on the Woottonettes so far has been one of my favorite parts about high school. The practices are extremely enjoyable and the dances are always fun to learn.”

As the pep rally continued, the clouds began to darken. The poms team was getting ready to perform when a bolt of lightning lit up the dark sky. Students jumped out of their seats in fear that it would start to pour and they would get soaked. The teachers dismissed the students to leave the bleachers and find shelter. Students were pushing each other so they could get out before the storm hit. Sophomore Thomas Jezek said, “As soon as I heard the first sound of thunder I knew I needed to get inside. Within the first 30 minutes of the storm we were notified that there was a tornado warning. I knew it would be a bad storm, but no one thought it would be this bad.”

As the pep rally was cut short, poms were not able to perform, scicne teacher, Sanford Herzon and other teachers did get an egg splattered on their heads. Freshman James Walsh said, “It was really funny watching all of my teachers get egg all over themselves.”