AP classes change direction after exams

Jordan Rubin, Managing Editor

Did your AP exams sneak up on you out of nowhere? Have you lost all your motivation in your AP classes? If you are feeling this way, you are not alone.

All year students prepare in their AP classes for their exams. This is the ultimate goal of these types of classes, which is why often once the exam is over, the motivation to focus on the class is gone. Although some AP classes don’t have a lot of additional work after their exams, others have projects and other assignments.

In AP Language and Composition, after students finish the exam they will begin to work on their college common application essays. All colleges require this one essay at a minimum. Starting it the last month of AP Language and Composition enables these students to get a head start on this part of their college application process. “I am happy we get to start our college essays because it pushes me to start on it now and will save me a lot of time over the summer,” junior Jessie Grinspoon said.

In AP NSL, students are done with learning any more new material after the exam is over. Students in this class will not have any more tests or quizzes, however, they will work on a final project. The AP NSL final project will cover the budgeting process that adults need to use to plan for their monthly and yearly expenses. In addition, students have to also start to study for the HSAs. The HSA is a standardized test containing questions related to information that students in NSL have learned throughout the course. “I am happy to be done with studying for the exam but now HSAs are right around the corner,” sophomore Danielle Berman said.

After the AP NSL exam some classes are having a party where students get to bring in food and have a day of fun after working hard to prepare for the exam.

In AP Psychology, after the exam students will be watching movies that relate to psychology topics that they learned about throughout the year. One of the movies they are going be watching is Ted Bundy. Bundy was a famous serial killer. They are watching this movie because they learned about abnormal psychology as one of the units in their course and this movie provides a real life example of someone who was a psychopath, a topic studied under this unit. “After the AP exam we do a research project and are able to explore some interesting topics that we didn’t have time to explore before the exam,” psychology teacher Bryce Coon said.

According to senior Mollie Greenberg, in her AP Environmental Science class they are doing a project where they have to contribute something to the classroom that spreads environmental awareness after their exam is over.

Students who are in AP Spanish will be watching movies after their exam. The movies will be in Spanish and students will answer questions that accompany the movie.