Teachers use free time to participate in favorite hobbies


Demi Ellenbogen, Managing Editor

After a long day of work, psychology and economics teacher Bryce Coon can’t wait to get into his minivan and drive home to play with his cats. While he loves being around his students, Coon enjoys having time to do things he’s interested in. “I really enjoy exercising, playing guitar, playing with my cats and driving around town in my minivan,” Coon said.

Every day students come to school and learn from the same set of teachers. We see them every single day, but fail to know anything about them outside of the classroom. Students have the tendency to forget that teachers have their own outside interests, just as they do.

Chemistry teacher Jacqueline Alton uses her spare time to enjoy the outdoors and be active- something that is not available during the school day. “When I’m not in school I like to either exercise outside or to watch outdoor sports- any live sports- I love to watch,” Alton said.

Keeping up with the demands of the school week can be hard for both teachers and students. The days are extremely busy with little down time. After a full day of quizzes, studying, note-taking and constant action, it makes sense to want to participate in things that are more relaxing.

For those who are introverted, the social aspect of school can be exhausting, as they tend to be more reserved. “I’m an introvert so I like to do things that are relaxing,” principal Kimberly Boldon said. “I really enjoy spending time with my family and hosting them for dinners and brunches and such. I also love doing home improvement things and looking at decor. It’s just fun for me, and necessary too.”

Students and teachers are given opportunities to participate in activities of their interests during school as well. Gym, art and technology classes are fun electives that allow students to do things we enjoy. “My favorite thing to do outside of school is the same as my favorite thing to do at school, theater,” English and theater teacher Jessica Speck said.

Students’ and teachers’ hobbies often overlap. There are common activities that both groups partake in. Sometimes students and teachers even bump into each other while engaging in the activities. “I’ve seen teachers at the gym so many times. It is kind of funny to see them outside of school, as it doesn’t really happen very often,” junior Julia Bogart said.