Appreciation week spreads joy to teachers with letters, snacks


Quinn Lugenbeel, Arts Editor

Teachers work hard throughout the year and their dedication often goes unrecognized. Therefore, May 6 through 10 was national teacher appreciation week for students and parents to show their teachers that they are valued. There is no better time for students to thank their teachers, especially on May 7, which was national teacher appreciation day.

Teachers guide students through the first 18 years of their lives and have a huge impact on students both in and out of the classroom. Their job is not always easy, and their hard work and dedication of helping their students is sometimes overlooked, but still shown through small, everyday acts. “I think that students show their appreciation throughout the year through small gestures such as giving me notes or saying thank you at the end of class,” English teacher Lindsey Vance said.

Students can show their appreciation by writing a simple letter of gratitude, giving their teacher a small gift such as flowers or candy, or telling their teacher ‘thank you’ to show they recognize their work. “My favorite way for students to say ‘thank you’ to their teachers during teacher appreciation week for them to give us nice, hand-written notes because it shows they truly care,” history teacher Matthew Winter said.

Another way students can show their appreciation is by telling their teachers that they admire their dedication to their students and help through endless situations, as teachers have a huge impact on all kids and their futures. “Teachers help shape the future of many lives and can be a huge inspiration and source of support to students and I think that students need to tell that to their teachers more often so they don’t go unrecognized,” sophomore Jillian Pohoryles said.

Patriot Ambassadors recognized teachers by having members write hand-made cards to every teacher in the school so every teacher is shown their value. They also hung up posters for each department around the school and delivered food and drinks to teachers on May 7 as a special treat and way to give back. “I loved helping the Patriot Ambassadors show the teachers that as a community, every student appreciates them and all of their hard work to help us achieve our goals,” Pohoryles said.

During teacher appreciation week, certain restaurants and stores have sales deals for teachers as a way for the entire community to give back. For example, Chipotle and Potbelly had a buy one, get one free deal for teachers or a free meal at the Greene Turtle.