End of school should not lead to break-ups

Miller Romm, Senior Back Page Editor

Seniors are struggling to find out whether they should end their relationship or stay with their partner after graduation. Living apart for four years whether it is for college or for other reasons can cause difficulties to any relationship. The key to solving these issues is how strong the foundation of trust, commitment and love has been built up throughout the high school years.

Living apart will show how the strong the relationship is and was. If there is no belief in the partner, and they have to be restricted in what they do in college, then the relationship should have ended in high school. A relationship should not end just because college is near, the relationship should ride the flow, and find a common ground between the two partners.

The biggest misconception is that one of the partners has to drive or fly up every weekend to spend time with the other, but the truth is living with some individuality is the key to the relationship. Without the partner right by your side, respect is gained and love goes right along with it. While high school relationships are hard to maintain throughout college, it is a real possibility that the relationship makes it through college.

The couple also has to be ready to deal with their partner going abroad or traveling outside the country. The whole goal of college is to find yourself and explore; the relationship should not restrict or stop this. If there is too much pressure, then it is impossible to live up to all of it.

Another thing to consider is that the relationship will go through its ups and downs and sometimes it may cause a partner to break up with the other. The most important thing is to stay friends, so after college a reconnection is possible.

According to Brandon Gaille Marketing, only two percent of relationships end up being high school sweethearts, they still teach important lessons about what they do or do not want. Do not give up on the person you are with in high school, and instead see where it goes, and it can teach invaluable lessons that can last a lifetime.