Taking part in Festival of the Arts


Leah Starr, Profiles Editor

The school’s art community was brought together through the display of different types of artistic expression such as painting, sewing, singing and dance on May 2 and May 3, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., for the Festival of the Arts.

In preparation for the festival, the upper gym was completely filled with artwork from students in a wide range of classes, from Foundations of Art to AP art classes. In the Commons, the fashion classes put on a fashion show featuring original designs. The a capella and chorus groups performed a variety of songs and the band and orchestra played music, all for an audience of anyone who wanted to come out to support the artists. The National Art Honor Society was also selling $10 mini-canvases outside the upper gym, and included a painted mini-canvas and an easel.

Every artist in AP art got their own panel inside the upper gym to display their artwork from over the year that they were most proud of. “I am super proud of this accomplishment. Having my own panel to display my work was really exciting,” AP art student Sarah Fenster said.
Women’s choir, Chromatics, Acabellas and Supertonics performed off to the side of the Commons. The Chromatics performed “True Colors”, “City of Stars” and “Believer”. “I am very proud of our performance and I think we really showed the audience what we can do as the first show choir ever at Wootton,” junior Chromatic singer Stephanie Povich said.

Every student enrolled into fashion got to display their art worn by themselves or someone else. The designs were made third and beginning of fourth quarter in class. “It was fun because everyone who was there participated in some way like modeling, taking pictures, playing music or describing the work as it went down the runway,” sophomore fashion student Liron Gamliel said.

For the students who don’t usually get recognized for their artwork, the ability to be honored for their creativity alongside their peers creates a sense of pride among the art community. “I was so excited to see my artwork at the festival because I didn’t think it was that good, but I was happy that other people thought it was,” junior Sabrina Shah said.

Although the artwork at the festival is original work by the students, the festival would not be possible without the inspiration and help of the school’s art teachers, who continue to inspire the students every day. “I’m always worried before that there isn’t enough work and it is very exhausting setting it all up, but when it is set-up it looks amazing. We also always get so many compliments about the level of quality of the artwork,” art and fashion teacher Melinda Pierce said.