Senior Picnic allows students to gather for food, games, fun before graduating


Camryn Yi, Features Editor

The senior picnic is the event that marks the end of a high school era, run by Senior Planning. Seniors attended a barbecue located at the Smokey Glen Farm on May 3 in celebration of the end of their high school careers.

The fun began at 5p.m. and continued until 8p.m. After a rainy week the weather finally cleared up just in time. Seniors showed looking spirited, dressed in their new college apparel, taking pictures with friends while eating hot dogs and burgers. “I thought it was bittersweet because I enjoyed seeing all my friends but it was sad knowing that we only had a few weeks left until we all go our separate ways,” senior Avery Breen said.

The picnic is one of the last events aside from prom where seniors get to congregate in a non-school environment for a final goodbye. The bittersweet event gives students the opportunity to have fun with friends before they head off to college. “It was so much fun and I loved being able to spend time with all the seniors before we go off to college. I’m going to miss them so much,” senior Hayley Parsons said.

Students engaged in games of cornhole and mini golf. “It’s crazy how quickly senior year went by. I still remember my first day here like it was yesterday, but I am so ready to leave and start fresh in a new environment,” senior Julien Bastin said.

The night ended with an intense water balloon fight to determine the winner of the annual seniors assassin game. Senior Jared Rabin came out victorious amongst the other 100 students involved in the game. “The water balloon fight was lit. It felt like we were in the Hunger Games and winning it was a perfect way to finish off my high school years. Definitely a day to remember,” senior Jared Rabin said.

So Splanning could relax and enjoy their final senior event, the juniors stepped in and set up the event. Junior Planning helped out by setting up tables, putting out decorations and organizing other things necessary for the seniors to have a memorable senior picnic. “We helped with giving people their wristbands and managing the photo stations at the picnic and it was really fun and we were excited to do it because it was a great opportunity to learn about our senior activities for next year,” junior Mason Miller said.

The senior picnic made a good start to AP exam week. The picnic was the Friday before the hard, and final grind for seniors. “It was refreshing to have this evening with all of our friends and classmates before our last AP exam week. I’ll miss everyone but definitely not the exam week,” senior Alex Kim said.