Quill & Scroll welcomes 31 new members

Sarah Firdaus, News Editor

The induction ceremony into the Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society, which recognizes students for their work in scholastic journalism, will take place tomorrow at the Italian restaurant, That’s Amore.

Quill and Scroll is an honors society open to upperclassman, with an unweighted grade point average of 3.0 or higher, who are involved in a publication at this school. Newspaper adviser Evva Starr, Yearbook adviser Melanie A Moomau and Literary Magazine adviser Zachary Hardy all sponsor Quill and Scroll. “There’s a big emphasis on sports and STEM at this school, so I think it’s important to also recognize students working within the realm of arts and humanities,” Hardy said.

The new members of the Quill and Scroll Honor Society and their parents will attend a dinner at That’s Amore as part of the induction ceremony. During their meal, the members will be given a chance to take a look at portfolios of student work and copies of the newspaper, yearbook and literary magazine. This year, the night will end with a speech about the importance of student writing from Hardy.

Juniors and seniors are the only groups of students in Quill and Scroll. Having the grade restriction ensures that the students getting inducted are mature writers, quality leaders and participants in their publication. “It’s only applicable to rising seniors and graduating seniors usually because you are inducted after a year of being an editor already,” Yearbook outgoing editor-in-chief senior Morgan Siegel said.

Throughout the school year, yearbook, newspaper and LitMag are occupied with completing their publications, which spares little time for Quill and Scroll. However, the society gives students a chance to be appreciated for their hard work by the award ceremony that takes place during inductions. “It can be an extra credential they can put on their college application and gives them an extra piece of bling for their graduation robes,” Hardy said.

Junior Riya Chinni, who attends Carmel High School in Carmel, Indiana is among the 13 student members on the national Quill and Scroll Honor Society Student Advisory Board. Chinni is a staff member for Carmel’s news-magazine, HiLite. “Our Quill and Scroll chapter has been around since 1946 but has been inactive in the past few decades; however, I am reviving our chapter, and hopefully my involvement with the Student Advisory Board will help to get out chapter up and running again,” Chinni said.

Carmel’s induction ceremony took place on May 7, during their Greyhound Media Network night where they will also be celebrating their publication staff with their advisor Jim Streisel. “As someone very involved in scholastic journalism, being a part of an honor society such as Quill and Scroll is both an honor and a privilege, especially to have opportunities in scholastic journalism,” Chinni said.

Quill and Scroll encourages the passion students have for journalism and is a resource for them to collaborate with other schools, their peers and grow and learn as aspiring journalists. “Quill and Scroll benefits students like me because it gives student journalists opportunities to grow in our skill. It’s a group of people we can share experiences with,” Yearbook rising clubs and senior editor Shannon Roberts said.