Online Exclusive: Samuel Williams scholarship awarded

Nitya Kumar, Managing Editor

The applications for the Samuel Williams Foundation Be T.R.U.E Leadership Award were due Apr. 12. This award was open to all sophomore students.

The school website news page gave daily updates on the application and the award, highlighting its purpose as well as the requirements. The summary on the news page online states “the purpose of this award is to highlight positive and inspiring character traits in youth and promote leadership training for teens.”

According to the summary, the personality and qualities of the candidates mean as much as the credentials. Students should apply if they “are in good academic standing and in compliance with attendance standards and who embody Sam’s core positive traits: trustworthy, responsible, uplifting and enthusiastic.”

Junior Riya Singh remembers filling out the application for the Samuel Williams Foundation Be T.R.U.E Leadership Award last year when she was a sophomore. “I had heard about the application from the morning announcements and I was intrigued because I consider myself a leader as well. So I applied for the award. The application asked me to describe how I personally possess the character traits they are looking for, so I talked about my history and leadership roles. It also asked me to describe my community service activities. I talked about my volunteering at The Village at Rockville. It is an elderly home that I’ve contributed many hours towards. I also am an avid volunteer at Shady Grove Hospital. I listed all these activities and described how they impacted my life. I also tried tying back my activities to how I see myself as trustworthy, responsible, uplifting and enthusiastic,” Singh said.

Along with a lengthy description of the community service activities and leadership credentials, the applicant student must also have a staff member support the nomination. The student lists the staff member as a personal reference and it will be verified during the selection process for the award.

On May 9, the recipient of the award will be featured in the school’s awards evening, along with the other award recipients from different departments.