Online Exclusive: Junior banquet preview


Anna Baldwin, Opinion Editor

The class of 2020 is hosting Junior Banquet at the Gaithersburg Hilton on Friday, April 26 from 7-11 p.m.. Junior banquet (JB) essentially is a junior prom. All the juniors are invited and encouraged to attend.

Juniors will have a night full of fun. “Junior Banquet this year is casino themed and we will have games, music, a photo booth, and a three-course meal all included in the price of a ticket so it should be really fun for everyone,” junior class president Mason Miller said.

Although some think the ticket prices are too expensive, having gone to junior banquet will help the future of the class of 2020. “I think that students should come to the junior banquet because it was a fun way to support the class with your friends and will help the class pay for future events next such as senior picnic and prom,” Miller said.

Junior Banquet is Sadie Hawkins, meaning girls ask guys. Sadie Hawkins originates from a comic strip. “Basically in an old comic strip called Li’l Abner, set in the made-up town of Dogpatch, one day every November was called Sadie Hawkins Day, named after the daughter of Dogpatch’s earliest settler who ‘failed to catch a husband’. So, Sadie’s dad rounded up the single men of Dogpatch and let the single women chase them, marrying whoever they caught, Anyway, this comic strip eventually morphed into a girl’s choice dance where women invite men, instead of feeling like they have to wait to be asked by a guy,” according to Seventeen magazine.

Girls have started asking guys, including junior Miranda Wright asking junior Ryan Van Meter with her poster saying, “you can’t say no on my birthday, JB?” or junior Casey Schuler asking junior Alek Wroblewski with her poster saying, “Can you leave your games for one night to kill it at JB with me.” “I am really excited for junior banquet because I feel like it will be a lot of fun with it just being juniors,” Wright said.

Junior planning put in a lot of hard work to make the junior banquet a fun night. Planning had four committees: tables/centerpieces/candy, wall decorations, doorway decorations and advertising. “I was in the doorway decorations and I think having the different committees was really helpful because we all got a lot of work done to make the junior banquet a lot of fun,” junior Casey Schuler said.

Juniors were all encouraged to go to have a fun night while supporting their class. “I think all juniors should go because it is going to be so fun, junior planning has put in so much work to make this a really fun night, juniors can get the benefit of having a fun night and supporting their class,” Wright said.