10 Gifts to get your Secret Santa this holiday season


Jared Beinart

Being in the midst of the holiday season it is only obvious that for some, a Secret Santa gift exchange will be necessary. But for those of you who don’t have jobs or just didn’t think through the whole gift giving process and spent all your money on food, here are 10 ideas all under $10.
1. Gum: For that friend who always gets up close and personal or who always steals your gum the minute you pull it out.
2. Candy: Always a good go-to especially when you want to stress eat before tests. Also not all of us went trick or treating and sharing is caring.
3. Baked goods: Let’s be real, your mom probably buys the ingredients for you anyways and if you ask nicely enough she’ll probably bake it for you too. And as the saying goes, “the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.”
4. Holiday socks: Easily hidden under riding boots yet occasionally acceptable with your moccasins. Plus, socks allow you to get into the holiday spirit and have fun.
5. Starbucks gift card: Because who doesn’t appreciate a jolt of caffeine to make it through first period? It’s also a great gift for those friends who constantly pull all nighters because they procrastinate and complain about being tired.
6. Pencils: For those people who borrow your pencil then never give it back because they “lost it.” Also, by the end of the year you don’t have to scavenge for pencils you find on the ground.
7. Regift: How many knitted scarves and hats do you really need from Grandma? Plus, if you have multiples of things or items you just don’t like, just wrap them up and say you bought it yourself.
8. Headphones: For that kid who always asks for an ear bud so they can listen to your music too. Always good to use when you need to block out the world for a little while. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with having an extra pair just in case.
9. Charger: Because for some reason everyone forgets to bring one to school and when their phone dies they bother you for one.
10. Coupons: This last idea we have all used at one point, probably more than once, especially when we forgot Mother’s or Father’s Day. This gift should only be used if you are so desperate that you have nowhere else to go so you resort to the school newspaper for ideas; see below.
If none of these gifts work out for you, then just say you made something in ceramics and its in the kiln. By the time they realize you aren’t in ceramics, the holidays will be long gone.


Ava Castelli

Staff Writer