Ice cream, you scream: best in county

Jordan Rubin, Features Editor

Ice cream lovers have something to celebrate with numerous options right in our backyards. Whether you’re in the mood for good old-fashioned ice cream, sorbet, a milkshake or even a fronana, there is never a shortage of tasty choices.

Cold Stone Creamery

Singing, ice cream and toppings galore: welcome to Cold Stone. This ice cream shop offers something for everyone. Customers get to pick any flavor of ice cream and 30 different mix-ins. You get to watch them mix and mush your favorite toppings and ice cream together. They have turned mix-in ice cream to an art form, as much fun to watch being created as it is fun to eat. Whenever you leave Cold Stone, you leave with a smile and a song in your head after the workers sing to celebrate your tip.

Ben and Jerry’s

Coming in close second is Ben and Jerry’s. With over 60 flavors of ice cream the choices are huge. What makes Ben and Jerry’s perfect is not only do you get it from the Ben and Jerry’s shop but it is also available at the grocery store. They have small cups and big cups for whatever you’re craving. Who doesn’t love good old favorites with fun names like Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia? “My friends and I go to Giant all the time when we are craving ice cream and we buy a bunch of different flavors of the Ben and Jerry’s cups,” junior Jessie Grinspoon said.


A local ice cream institution, Sprinkles, in Potomac Village has been celebrating scoops and smiles for 30 years. Its menu has evolved to include smoothies made from organic ingredients, cookie wiches and fronanas. There is something for everyone from the health conscious to the ice cream aficionado. Even if you feel like ice cream but your friend doesn’t, Sprinkles even offers bagels, pies, donuts and more. “I love going to Sprinkles with my friends and I always get the best thing there, which is the fronana,” junior Emma Peters said.


With five different cherry flavors and six different banana flavor options, Bruster’s offers an endless menu of ice cream choices from the most plain to the most unique. Made fresh daily, their ice cream is always delicious. With a drive-thru, Bruster’s makes it simple to satisfy your ice cream craving.