No spring break? No problem


Quinn Lugenbeel, Staff Writer

Despite spring break being only six days this year, students still packed up and went on vacation to enjoy their few days off. The most popular destinations were Cancún, Miami Beach, the Bahamas and Costa Rica.

Cancún is known for its gorgeous white sand beaches and stunning views. With numerous resorts, travelers are constantly active and able to embark on adventures. Not only does Cancún have beaches, but a downtown area with shops, restaurants and hotels. “I think people, including myself, love Cancún because of the warm weather, the people and the options of hotels and tourist destinations,” sophomore Vicky Thomas said.

Miami Beach, FL, is both a high-rise city and a tropical beach. Most popular for high school and college spring breaks, it is the perfect place for students. “I loved Miami Beach because there were a lot of people my age and the beach was beautiful. It was super crowded since it is so popular,” junior Leah Kellert said.

The Bahamas, located off the coast of Florida, has different tourist locations with different activities including scuba diving and snorkeling so travelers never have a dull moment. Large great barrier reefs and resorts leave tourists impressed. “My family wanted to go somewhere tropical, so we went to the Blue Lagoon Island in the Bahamas. The water was perfect and I loved when I swam with dolphins,” sophomore Nani Gupta said.

Costa Rica has both beaches and rain forests with native animals for tourists to sightsee. With distinctive activities including white water rafting, surfing and ziplining, Costa Rica is a commonly visited country every year. “Costa Rica was different than other vacations I’ve been on because the activities were really fun and I was always on a new adventure,” sophomore Zara Chavoshi said.

Students often go on cruises to these locations among others to have unique experiences. “I went on a cruise for spring break and stopped in multiple countries. I liked it because I got to see many different things and go to many different places, which is different from the typical vacation,” sophomore Sebastian Maldonado said.

Students may not only use their spring break for vacation, but also to travel and tour colleges to be productive during their time off of school. “I used my spring break this year and last year to tour colleges I was interested in since I couldn’t miss that many days during the school year,” senior Greg Garcia said.