Students argue required classes should not be mandatory to take

Rob Carpenter, Staff Writer

An aspiring writer sits in her Calculus class hopelessly, with no understanding of the material and no desire to work. This is the reality of students forced to take classes that they have no interest in.
Montgomery County has specific course requirements in order to be eligible to graduate. The graduation requirements consistent of math, English, social studies, PE, art, tech, world language and several other electives. There are certain classes that are required based off of each course. Students are unhappy that they have to take certain courses. “I was forced to take my two required years of Spanish class, even though I disliked it,” freshman Ben Ehrman said.

The requirements are a step back for students trying to work towards their goals. The majority of jobs require certain skills that are taught in high school, but because of requirements, students can’t fit these classes into their schedules. “It would be nice to take classes that I feel will help me later on in life,” Ehrman said.

It is important to take a variety of subjects in middle school, but high school is preparation for going to college, where the focus will be on one topic. Once students decide on a career path, they should be able to take the classes that will help them work toward their future.

Taking the required courses can put extra stress on students. With no enjoyment of the topic and difficulty understanding, it can be draining trying to comprehend a subject that will not help at all in the real world past high school. “It would be much more efficient and reasonable to allow for students to choose classes on their interests or potential career path. Classes that I dislike lead to the most stress,” sophomore George Misovic said.

Students have no motivation to try their hardest in classes that they have no interest in. This has major effects on grade and proves nothing about students’ intelligence. “I think students should be able to pick their own classes because students learn better in an environment where they are comfortable. Colleges also look at my high school grades and it is unfair to show grades in classes that I was forced to take and unable to do well in no matter how hard I tried,” Misovic said.

Students should be able to choose their classes, and the graduation core-class requirements should be removed because it puts stress upon students and does not prepare them for the future. They should be given freedom to pick whatever class fits best with their interests and their desired career paths.