Junior Sona Chudamani sings her way to success

Noah Lenkin, Staff Writer

Common Sense sat down with Sona Chudamani to talk about being accepted into All Eastern Chorus (made up of the best chorus students on the East Coast) the only student from the school to do so.

Common Sense: How did it feel to be named All- Eastern Chorus?

Sona Chudamani: I was really proud of getting in because of how hard I had worked to get there, and I was the first person in the school to ever get in so that was really cool.

CS: What was the application process like to get into to All- Eastern Chorus?

SC: First I had to get in to All-State Chorus two years prior, and then they use those scores to nominate you for All-Eastern Chorus, and the final step is filling out a music resume, which is the main factor for deciding if you get in.

CS: What’s it like to be involved in chorus here?

SC: It is really fun. I have been doing chorus since the fifth grade and it has been a good experience every part of the way.

CS: What was your best memory in chorus here?

SC: My best memory was last year I had a solo part in one of the songs, so that was really cool.

CS: Is there anyone in particular that inspired you or mentored you in your chorus journey?

SC: My middle school chorus teacher was very inspiring, as well as my fifth grade chorus teacher.

CS: Are you thinking of pursuing chorus beyond high school?

SC: No, probably not. I could minor in music when I attend college, but not chorus specifically.