Students attend The Dance for Fair Chance

Ryan Weitz, Staff Writer

The Dance for Fair Chance took place on Apr. 5 in Bethesda, raising money through a dance for the charity Fair Chance, a local nonprofit that wants to build a world where every child can succeed. They provide free programs to support the work of nonprofits that serve children living in poverty.

This organization was created in 2002 and has been successful ever since. Their work transforms leaders and organizations and create more opportunities and better outcomes for children, youth and families. Fair Chance has worked with over 120 nonprofits and reached over 100,000 children.

This event was available to all ages, however it was mainly people in high school with parents checking everyone in. “It was a great way to donate and raise money for a local charity while also having fun dancing and singing.” sophomore Danielle Berman said.

Tickets were on a sale for this event for a few weeks and one could donate anywhere from $5 to $1,000 dollars. Tickets were $25. A raffle also took place and those tickets were available for $2. “As someone that was a part of the event, it was a great way to be able to raise some money for a local charity that I care much about, but I also got to have a fun time with so many of my friends from all around Montgomery County,” sophomore Nesya Weinsweig said.

The dance was at the Loft from 8 to 11 p.m. The theme was neon so everyone showed up in bright yellows, oranges and pinks. “The neon theme was very fun as it was cool to see all of our clothing light up under the black lights,” sophomore Katherine Jackson said.

Sponsors of this event include Washingtonian Magazine, Abdo Development, Fannie Mae, Spector Financial Inc, Ward Circle Strategies and Weinsweig Advisors.