New school ambassadors welcomed, take part in different trainings to help lead students

Monica Godnick, News Editor

As students we can find the common ground that we have all been a freshman (or a new student), and we all have admitted to being a little lost when first stepping into our relatively big school. Some of you may recall receiving help and orientation from fellow classmates in red polo shirts.

Those shirts are worn by Patriot Ambassadors, a leadership organization that helps coordinate school events including new student orientation, parent tours, middle school visits and more. On Apr. 3, 4, 8, and 9, new members went through boot camp, which refers to the training required to be a Patriot Ambassador: public speaking, writing formal emails and giving tours.

Through boot camp, new student ambassadors said that they now realize the effort and the meaning behind the procedures such as leading a new student to their class. “The Boot Camp is meant to help prepare our new Patriot Ambassadors in different activities we are involved in from ushering school events to helping at graduation and new student orientation. We work on public speaking skills and collaborating with others through different fun activities and teambuilders. We also practice giving student tours around the building so that each Patriot Ambassador feels ready at any moment to draw upon their skills,” Patriot Ambassador sponsor, Spanish teacher Meredith Lange said.

The recently accepted members said that they were able to reinforce their abilities through the boot camp. “Boot camp was a really helpful way for newcomers to learn about what it takes to be a Patriot Ambassador,” freshman Asbah Qadri said.

Junior Rathna Ramesh has been a member for almost two years and said she remembers her experience at boot camp last year. “My favorite part of boot camp was learning how to give tours, and welcoming new students,” Ramesh said.